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Seismic uplifting and faulting in comparatively recent geological times have created a landscape in northeast Oregon of secluded valleys flanked closely by high mountains. Often utterly lacking foothills, these ranges define the intervening valleys precisely and dramatically. Nowhere is this truer than in the Wallowa Valley where people live and work in towns and on farms and ranches virtually in the shadow of some of the highest mountains in the state. The Grande Ronde Valley near La Grande is a dramatic "graben," a section of the Earth's crust that has dropped while the sections to either side, the Wallowas to the east and the Blue Mountains to the west, have risen--again, no foothills. The Powder River Valley near Baker City is similarly defined by the sharp uplift of the Elkhorn Range on the west.


  Winter on Hurricane Creek
Sunrise Run
Leap Sheep
Prairie Meaders Winter Sunrise Prairie Creek Convergence
The Wallowa Range
Ox eye Daisies on Prairie Creek
Valley of Winding Waters
Zumwalt Schoolhouse
High Wallowa Valley