David Jensen Photography

Oregon Great Basin Images and Prints

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Oregon's Great Basin includes lava flows, desert playas, sheer escarpments, high mountains, glacial cirques, glacial erratics, aspens, u-shaped valleys, junipers, hot springs, sand dunes, sagebrush, lakes, fossil lakes, vanished lakes, petroglyphs, coyotes, migrating birds, obsidian, lava tubes, salt flats, creeks, and even a few short rivers. I haven't photographed all of these things, but my collection of images is broader than what is represented on this page. I have images not only of Steens Mountain and the Alvord Basin but of the Pueblo Mountains, Hart Mountain, the Warner Valley, Fort Rock, Fossil Lake, Glass Butte, Diamond Craters, the Lost Forest, the Lost Forest Dunes, and Lake Abert among other locations..